SpaceX made history in May when it successfully docked with the International Space Station.  This was a feat that only Governments were able to accomplish.  Can SpaceX finally do what NASA has failed to do?  Can the space program finally take a giant leap forward with commercial enterprises?  Are we finally getting back to good engineering in this country? Can we finally make those big leaps that we were promised so long ago? (I was suppose to have a flying car in 2000 according to IBM and Avery Brooks – I was promised flying cars!). Will the commercial sector say it’s time to move forward?

This is a very inspirational video of SpaceX and their recent successful docking of their Dragon Capsule with the Space Station.


This company seems to be making the right steps and demonstrating what is possible without Govt. bureaucracy (there is some when you’re partnering with the Govt), excessive overhead, and a drive to “Get it Done!”



If Your Facebook Wall is open to the world, you’re missing out!

You need a Facebook landing page.

Before you say, wait the landing pages were done away with with the new Facebok Timeline.  Well, you’re correct, but there’s a new way to do it.  So chill for sec and work with me ok?

It’s true that Facebook did away with the FBML applications to their Facebook page, so we must all learn a new way to skin the same fish.  (Yes I like deep sea fishing… more on that in another post).

Actually, with the new way, it is much easier to create opt-in forms, Like pages etc.  Facebook now has a new app called the Static HTML iFrame Tab. You can search for it in facebook and it should be the first app that appears.  This is what you want to add to your facebook page.

With this app you’ll be able to create two landing pages.  One for your “non-fans” and one for those that have already “Liked” your page.  Are you seeing the potential here?  Here’s an example of what’s possible.

Non-Fans:  You’ll create a static web page that will contian your images and direct visitors to click your “Like” button to continue.  This is known as the “Public” side of your Fan page.  You can check out mine here if you’re not a Fan already.  Heh, there’s a thought?  Why don’t you become a fan and you can see how it all works!

After they click “Like”, the app will drop them to your “Fans Only” page.  Here is where you can add a static webpage (html) for an opt-in to your newsletter etc.  This is an awesome way to drive the popularity of your Fan page and get opt-ins to your autorepsonder.  You can display an intro video or audio here as well. Basically anything you could do on a website, you can do here.

The app will allow you to add HTML, CSS, and javascript.  You can upload images, but I find the best way to use the app, is to call the content from a site you have it hosted on already, such as a blog.  And if you don’t have a good html editor, just create your page with WordPress.  Start a new page and use the HTML side of the editor.  Then cut and paste the html to the Facebook landing Page app.

For an indepth tutorial on how to get all of this done today, my friend, Pat Flynn over at smartpasiveincome.com, created an extremely well done step by step video that will have you up and running with your Facebook landing pages on your timeline in just a few minutes.


A Facebook landing page for your Fan Page is must if you want drive your “Likes” which drives your exposure.  Without the landing page, the “Like” button on your wall isn’t so obvious and most visitors won’t click it.   By using the Landing Page, you can dramatically increase your Fan count as well as make your conversions explode.


I’d really appreciate it if you would share this post with your Fans and Followers today.  All it takes is a simple facebook comment below.  Thanks!

To Your Success!

James McCabe

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Obsessed With SEO? STOP!


SEO-ObsessionIf You’re Obsessed With SEO, You Need to Stop!

Did you get a call today from a business you never heard of claiming to get you high rankings in Google?

Did you hang up?

I did…  Sorry, I don’t like cold-callers.

Here’s the scoop, more often than not, these crazy SEO companies will charge you a bazillion dollars a month for such tactics as: Keyword stuffing your articles on your website and black hat link building (spam bots).  Maybe in 2002 these tactics would have worked but come on folks, It’s 2012 and Google is whole different monster!Google-SEO

Anyone hear of Google Penguin?  No, not the little tuxedo looking critters from the South Pole.  I’m taking about Google’s newest algorithm.  It succeeds the Panda Algorithm which was released late last year.  Kind of a major bug fix.   Anyway I digress.   The point being,  Google can sniff out these tactics and deindex your links before you can even finish that cup of coffee after high-fiving your SEO coworkers on the job you just pulled.

This is what we call broad based SEO.  It’s done in one huge sweep, rather than consistently building your presence over time.  In other words, organically.

Even if you were to create a bazillion (there, I said it again) backlinks to your website,  and backlinks to those backlinks using other Web 2.0 properties — if your content sucks prune juice when someone lands on your page, they’re going to high-tail it out of there anyway.  So what’s the point?


In Google’s eyes, your bounce rate counts.  And if it’s high, you’re not getting any rankings anywhere near the 100,000 page for your keyword, let alone the first page!   Stop being obsessed with SEO and for goodness sakes, don’t go forking over money to have someone do it!  It’s not that hard.

So if I’m not obsessed with SEO, where should I focus?

Glad you asked.   Let’s start with making the website or blog the best it can be.  Make sure your visitors are converting before you worry about SEO. Which means you have to have quality content and you have be engaging.  Drive them to your “Call to Action.”  You do have one, right?

Christian Paul is a contributor for “WPMU.org”, the WordPress Experts.  And he has a set of goals that are kind of a natural progression to ranking:

1.    Design an eye-catching brand & layout
2.    Highlight the value of your site/service
3.    Structure your content as a sales letter with a landing page that leads to a conversion page (every page should lead them to another page)
4.    Invite your friends, clients, etc. to “beta test” the website. Get feedback and use Google Analytics to measure the bounce rate and browsing patterns.
5.    Once you have refined the site for conversions and confirmed that it works, then start marketing, i.e. SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc.

No matter how much SEO and marketing you pour into your site, if it’s not in “working order” first, your work will be futile at best.  No blaming anyone else here.  Look in the mirror for the fall guy.

So the next time an “SEO agent” comes cold-calling, tell them it’s 2012 and hang up.  Or, as I was instructed a long time ago;

“the best way to hang up on someone is when you’re in the middle of your own sentence.  That way they never suspect that you hung up on them!”

Those methods are “black hat” at best.  They are short-lived.
Spend your efforts on good content, social media interaction with tribes and communities.  Your being obsessed with SEO is just that, an obsession.

To read more check out Christian Paul’s article here.

To learn the right way to create great quality content and get the support of a community that knows how to do SEO the correct way, join our community by clicking here.  Your online business income will thank you for it.

To Your Sucess!


Social-Media-MarketingAwesome video from Michael Margolis on How Online Business Refines Social Media Marketing.

He talks about what everyone has been doing with their marketing efforts and why it’s not working today.  As an example: We offer a product, it gets downloaded and we send a thank you email back.  “Queue Tumbleweed” as Michael puts it.  He expresses the need for “Engagement”.

We need a back and forth communication with our customers/clients/prospects.

He hits the nail on the head of why social media is so paramount in you marketing efforts and the need to cultivate through engagement of conversation, rather than beating everyone over the head with “selling”.

He notes why his team has been changing its social media approach, in particular with data analytics and conversation marketing, as the company grows.




Are you using social media in your marketing efforts?  Are you creating engagement with your followers on Facebook, G+, Youtube?  Do you give your readers and followers a reason to respond to your posts? Check out my previous post on the frustrations of “likes” and “Shares


FaceBook Page Optimization TipsYou make a Facebook post and it gets a lot of “Likes” and “Shares”.  But, you make another post and there’s very little interest if any at all.  Has that ever happened to you?  Doesn’t it frustrate you?  And you’re probably wondering what’s wrong.

You need to optimize your Facebook Page!

…And Facebook has the answer!  And maybe you should too!

Amy Porterfield, co-author of “Facebook Marketing All=In-One for Dummies” explains in her recent article.

The area in Facebook where you can find out wha’ts wrong is called “Facebook Insights Dashboard.  It measures your page’s user data.  Amy talks about three areas in Insights that most people don’t know exist and how to use them effecdtively.

1. Track “engaged users” to optimize post types.

Don’t guess which posts your fans will respond to. Instead, measure which ones are already popular.


2. Monitor incoming traffic from external referrers. 

For a Facebook page to gain traction, it needs visitors. That sounds obvious, but many of us forget to drive traffic to Facebook, not just from Facebook to our website.

To find out where your visitors are coming from, go to the Insights dashboard, click on Reach and scroll down to find “external referrers” at the bottom of the page. You’ll see a list of websites and the number of users who arrived from each. Your website and search engines should be near the top of that list.

3. Pay attention to your “talking about this” score.

“Talking about this” is a measure of how many people over the past seven days engaged with your page in any way — tagging it, clicking “like,” making a comment or sharing a post. It’s a high-level view of your success on Facebook and can be critical to increase the ratio of “talking about this” to total “likes.”


Amy goes into much more detail about how to use each of the 3 Secrets.  If you’re boggled by what to do to optimize your Facebook Page, you really should take a moment to read Amy’s article here.  Once you do, let me know if the info makes a different in your posts!

If you’re looking for a way to make your online business soar, you need to watch this video.  

If you’re ready to jump in and really make yourself successful online, then just get in here!

To Your Success!


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